The Multi-Gate is the long lasting outdoor safety solution you've been looking for. Call out and make off-limits hazardous areas, with the expandable plastic barricade that can stretch to reach all your needs. Expanding up from its storage size of just 6", the Multi-Gate can close off areas close to 8'! Its lightweight and handy design make set-up and break-down a breeze, and even a single worker can quickly and efficiently handle the Multi-Gate by themselves. Looking to give this portable barrier some added "oomph"? Just unscrew the threaded caps and fill the Multi-Gate with water! The Multi-Gate is perfect for any situation, as its hardy plastic design wont rust or warp in the elements,  and can maintain utility in temperatures higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

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multiGate_msLength closed: 5.35”
Length opened: 90”
Height: 43”
Width: 19”
Weight empty: 15 lbs
Filled with water: 35 lbs
Color: Fluorescent Orange
Thermal resistance: + 55 C – + 130 F

High-Density Polyethylene

Multi-Gate measurements

Shipping and Handling: Ground Carrier

The Multi-Gate is perfect for:

• Parking Garages
• Maintenance
• Car Wash
• Construction Sites
• Road Work Crew
• Outdoor Events
• Traffic Control
• Fire Department
• Law Enforcement
• Military
• Airport
• Hospitals
• Street Closures
• Parks
• Resorts
• Amusement Parks

• Quick & easy set up
• Lightweight
• Recyclable Material
• Easy to carry & store
• Impact and Temperature resistant
• Vehicle and crowd control
• Locks in position at desired length
• Block off area with safety tape slits
• 52 reflective strips for exceptional visibility
• Optional attached reflector unit





Quality control tests are performed for durability, compression, distortion, water-resistance, and other variables associated with product integrity.

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multi-gate-box The Multi-Gate ships in a box through UPS Ground.

Box Dimensions: 44” X 20” X 7” - 18 lbs